Ozone Sauna Therapy will introduce ozone into your body and eliminate any harmful organisms. It doesn't pump artificial particles into your system. If you have been looking for a way to treat conditions, or to just sleep better at night, to regain that sense of wellbeing and prevent diseases, Ozone Therapy is for you.  In fact Ozone Therapy is for everyone.


Life Source is driven by their desire to help people be healthy and to take their lives back.  They have decided that the only way is the natural way. 

Life Source Ozone Therapy Centre aims to provide you with a personalized and professional service, in a relaxed environment.  Offering sophisticated, advanced and highly technological equipment, addressing more than just a physical treatment but also ensuring mental treatment.

Ozone is actually a supercharged oxygen molecule.  Ozone is oxygen with an extra molecule added. 

Oxygen is the most vital element required for human life and it is the key to good health.  Health and healing do not exist without oxygen.  Without food, human beings can survive just over a month, without water, we can survive for about a week, but, without oxygen, we would die within 5 minutes. Oxygen is our most immediate need.

200 years ago, there was 40% oxygen on earth.  Our bodies require 40% oxygen to achieve its optimal functioning. Unfortunately, today there is between 8 and 21% oxygen on earth, so the cells in our bodies cannot function as they are intended to.  It is no longer sufficient to simply breathe to be ensured of proper oxygenation.  Ozone not only oxygenates the blood, but it is the only known therapy to enable the delivery of oxygen to the tissues and directly into the cells where it is needed.

Ozone is activated Oxygen. With Ozone Sauna Therapy, the ozone is introduced into the chamber and is absorbed throught the skin.

Inactivation of bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast and protozoa: Ozone therapy disrupts the integrity of the bacterial cell envelope through oxidation of the phospholipids and lipoproteins. In fungi, O3 inhibits cell growth at certain stages. With viruses, the O3 damages the viral capsid and upsets the reproductive cycle by disrupting the virus-to-cell contact with peroxidation. The weak enzyme coatings on cells which make them vulnerable to invasion by viruses make them susceptible to oxidation and elimination from the body, which then replaces them with healthy cells

Understanding Ozone



Ozone Therapy is important in that it detoxifies the body, eliminates water retention, is excellent for arthiritis, heals infections, fights cancer, improves weight loss, melts off the cellulite, best anti-ager out, softer smoother skin, heals the body, gives energy, and plenty more benefits.


At the initial consultation we will ascertain the needs of the client.  We aim to not only offer a solution to your condition, but also an experience worth repeating.

Professionalism, client care and hygiene are mandatory within our therapy centre.


Ozone Therapy offers a wide range of benefits:

• Rejuvenate

• Detox

• Regenerate

• Enhance immune System

• Physical & Mental Energiser

• Eliminate; Viruses, Bacteria & Fungi

• Prevention of many diseases and ailments



3 Therapies in 1


Our chamber gives you 3 therapies in 1.

Sauna: is used to increase the circulation, oxygen and nutrient delivery, as well as the ability to flush any nasty toxins from the body.

Ozone: for the numerous health and wellness benefits it offers, physically & mentaly, and

Far infrared radiation (FIR): is used to penetrate deep into the joint and surrounding tissues which increases blood flow, reduces inflammation and decreases pain.

Weight Loss


Ozone Therapy burns excess sugar and fat, corrects a faulty metabolism and balances hormones and breaks down cellulite. Improved energy levels.

Burns 200-450 calories per session.

It is advised to follow a balanced diet in conjunction with the Ozone Therapy sessions.

gallery/3 therapies in 1

sports men & women


Improves Athletic Performance, Sports Endurance, Metabolism, Weight Loss and Muscle Toning. 

Speeds up recovery time from injuries.

Relieves muscle aches & pains. Boosts energy levels.

Other benefits


Detoxifies Every Cell in the Body, Purifies the Blood, Softens the Skin, Oxidizes Poisons in the Body, Helps with Shortness of Breath and Emphysema, Decreases Stress, Boosts Energy Levels, Destroys Harmful Micro Organisms, Oxidizes Morfibic Material, Breaks down Heavy Metal Toxins, Ignites Carbohydrates, Lowers Cholesterol, Lightens the Heart’s Workload, Detoxifies the Lymph System, Helps Quit Smoking and Drug Addiction



Loyalty Program Available




Single SEssion                                  R375,00/30min


5 Sessions                                           R1750,00


10 Sessions (recommended)        R3000,00


10% discount for Pensioners, and Students (on proof of valid student card)


Each session lasts 30min


At least 10 sessions are recommended to start off with.


However, protocols will differ from person to person, so clients may book as follows:

Athletes or similar: 5 sessions, every or every other day, especially before and after athletic events.

Healthy individuals can have 2-3 sessions a week for a month, thereafter 10 sessions per month.

Unhealthy individuals can have 3-4 sessions a week for 2 months, thereafter 10 sessions per month.

Chronically ill individuals can have 3-4 sessions a week for 3 months, thereafter 3 sessions per week.





New information on different conditions will be posted here regularly, check back to read the latests inclusions.


ADHD and Ozone Therapy


ADHD stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, a condition with symptoms such as inattentiveness, impulsivity, and hyperactivity. The symptoms differ from person to person. ADHD was formerly called ADD, or attention deficit disorder. https://www.webmd.com/add-adhd/default.htm


If you have been considering an alternative to other medications that have nasty side effects, try Ozone Therapy together with a natural treatment.

Not all individuals will be able to replace their current treatment, consult your doctor before stopping any medication.


Ozone Therapy can increase oxygen levels in the body, enhance brain function, improve memory and concentration, fight anxiety and reduce stress




Autism and Ozone Therapy


Ozone Therapy improves blood circulation, thinning the blood to a normal viscosity.

According to Dr. O Bio-Research Group LLC in USA:

“…We ran many blood tests on ASD diagnosed kids and almost all of them have the same pattern of very high platelets count.  High platelets blood count means thickened blood and insufficient capillary blood flow.

One most important property of Ozone Therapy is normalized oxygen delivery function on cellular level through oxygen delivery by blood plasma passing erythrocyte dysfunctions.   At the same time ozonated (oxygen reach) blood plasma viscosity is reduced, and capillary functions restored.”

Ozone Therapy; Oxidizes Poisons in the Body, Breaks down Heavy Metal Toxins. Improves; Brain Function, Memory Function, Mental Quickness, Mental Stability and Mood. Decreases Stress.

Health Impact News published an article by Dr Robert Rowen on June 21,2018. 

He relays an actual testimonial from the father of a severely autistic child.  This father is a respected board-certified physician in the US.  He states “After 4 sessions of Hyperbaric Ozone/Oxygen therapy for the first time I saw my son happily processing, moving his bike back backwards playfully, FunFully and I purposefully coordination. I SEE HOPE. I will stay PRAYFULLY optimistic. I pray for Dr Rowen and Dr Su and other Healers like them. Humanity needs them. MAY God bless them. I love Dr Rowen and His Team. They are my Angels. A Dad… who wants his baby back.”

Ozone Therapy boosts the immune system and decreases inflammation

A hypothesis was published in January 2015 on the role of Therapeutical Ozone, by the Department of Experimental Medicine, Second University of Naples, Italy. 

“Autism is characterized by a coexistent immune system dysregulation [8]. Alterations in both T cell- and B cell-mediated immunity, as well as an imbalance in CD3+, CD4+, and CD8+ T cells and natural killer (NK) cells, and increased expression of genes that regulate inflammatory mechanisms have been demonstrated [9,10].

On these bases, the regulatory effects mediated by ozone mixture could represent an optimal way to restore immune balance in autism, which cannot otherwise be obtained through pharmaceutical interventions. Its property in decreasing inflammatory mediators could be useful as non-specific immunomodulation therapy for autistic patients.”

There are no conclusive studies or research documents that emphatically state that Ozone Therapy will improve an autistic child.  However, Ozone Therapy has numerous benefits that will definitely aid in symptomatic treatment.






Autoimmune Disease and Ozone Therapy


Your body's immune system protects you from disease and infection. But if you have an autoimmune disease, your immune system attacks healthy cells in your body by mistake. No one is sure what causes autoimmune diseases. There are over 80 different kinds of autoimmune diseases.


Most common types:

Rheumatoid arthritis

A chronic inflammatory disorder affecting many joints, including those in the hands and feet.


An inflammatory disease caused when the immune system attacks its own tissues.

Celiac disease

An immune reaction to eating gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley and rye.

Sjögren's syndrome

An immune system disorder characterised by dry eyes and dry mouth.

Polymyalgia rheumatica

An inflammatory disorder causing muscle pain and stiffness around the shoulders and hips.

Multiple sclerosis

A disease in which the immune system eats away at the protective covering of nerves.

Ankylosing spondylitis

An inflammatory arthritis affecting the spine and large joints.

Type 1 diabetes

A chronic condition in which the pancreas produces little or no insulin.

Alopecia areata

Sudden hair loss that starts with one or more circular bald patches that may overlap.


An inflammation of the blood vessels that causes changes in the blood vessel walls.

Temporal arteritis

An inflammation of blood vessels, called arteries, in and around the scalp.


Each autoimmune disease involves the immune system attacking a different part of the body. So while they are common in definition, they can vary widely when it comes to causes and symptoms. This means that the main treatments are quite different for each autoimmune disease; type 1 diabetes is treated primarily with insulin injections while celiac disease is treated by a change in diet that eliminates gluten. Although diseases under the autoimmune disease umbrella vary so much in terms of their causes, symptoms and treatments, there is a treatment that can help them all: ozone sauna therapy.


Ozone sauna therapy has a wide range of health benefits, one of which is boosting the immune system. When the immune system is healthier, it behaves better and doesn’t attack the body as fiercely, for those battling with autoimmune diseases. Although ozone sauna therapy cannot stop the immune system from attacking the body, it can reduce the intensity and frequency of attacks. This means that all autoimmune diseases can benefit from this treatment.


Regardless of the kind of autoimmune disease you were diagnosed with, ozone sauna therapy can help. Whether you have lupus, rheumatoid arthritis or alopecia, ozone sauna therapy can help radically reduce the amount of unpleasant symptoms associated with your disease. Although ozone sauna therapy is not a cure, with regular sessions, those who suffer with any type of autoimmune disease can find relief from painful symptoms, such as insulin resistance, joint swelling and weak immune system. Don’t knock it until you try it! Give ozone sauna therapy a try today, you have nothing to lose!



Tumour Necrosis Factor and Ozone Therapy


Ozone stimulates the production of Tumour Necrosis Factor. TNF is produced by the body when a tumour is growing.

The greater the mass of the tumour the more TNF is produced. When a tumour has turned metastatic, cancer cells are breaking off and being carried by the blood and lymph.


This allows the tumour to take up residence elsewhere in the body. These lone cancer cells have little choice of growing due to the TNF produced to inhibit the original tumour.

However, when the tumour is removed surgically, TNF levels drop drastically and new tumour form, seemingly from health cells.

Ozone is anti-neoplastic: this means that Ozone inhibits the growth of new tissue because rapidly dividing cells shift their priorities away from producing the enzymes needed to protect themselves from Ozone. Cancer cells are rapidly dividing cells and are inhibited by Ozone.




Tumour Necrosis Factor and Ozone Therapy


Ozone stimulates the production of Tumour Necrosis Factor. TNF is produced by the body when a tumour is growing.

The greater the mass of the tumour the more TNF is produced. When a tumour has turned metastatic, cancer cells are breaking off and being carried by the blood and lymph.


This allows the tumour to take up residence elsewhere in the body. These lone cancer cells have little choice of growing due to the TNF produced to inhibit the original tumour.

However, when the tumour is removed surgically, TNF levels drop drastically and new tumour form, seemingly from health cells.

Ozone is anti-neoplastic: this means that Ozone inhibits the growth of new tissue because rapidly dividing cells shift their priorities away from producing the enzymes needed to protect themselves from Ozone. Cancer cells are rapidly dividing cells and are inhibited by Ozone.




Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Ozone Therapy


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a debilitating disorder.  A patient can fight CFS by incorporating Ozone Therapy into their lifestyle as a complimentary treatment.

Ozone Therapy increases energy levels, combats fatigue, increases the oxygen levels in the blood and increases cellular respiration. 

According to the result of an Italian study on 65 patients:

“Oxygen ozone therapy is an effective therapy in the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome. However, more patients are needed and in particular a longer follow up is a necessary. In the meantime, ozone therapy seems a treatment that, also because without any side effect, is possible to be proposed to patients with chronic fatigue syndrome that are not obtaining sufficient results from available therapy.”

Pangaea Clinic of Naturopathic Medicine Inc on Ozone therapy

“…The naturopathic treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia that I prefer is oxidation therapy and nutrient repletion. Nutrient repletion is treated with vitamin and mineral infusions, oxidation is achieved by ozone therapy...”

“...There is also the mechanism of increasing circulation, oxygen delivery, and energy generation that I have described in an article on oxidative medicine in general. This involves the effect of peroxides that are created by ozone and UV when they react with the blood. The short chain fatty peroxides oxidize cofactors in the energy generating systems of the cell, called the Kreb's cycle and oxidative phosphorylation in the mitochondria. Chemicals like 2,3 diphosphoglycerate increase (helping red cells to deliver oxygen,) intracellular antioxidants such as catalase and glutathione increase, and blood viscosity decreases.A more recent mechanism that has been elucidated involves the stimulation of cytokine release by the white blood cells. When UV energy or ozone reacts with the white blood cells in the blood, the chemical messengers that stimulate activation of the immune system are released. These cytokines are then reinfused into the body as the blood is returned to the patient. Cytokines are the messengers of the immune system, and with a proper coordinated release of cytokines, the immune system becomes much more adept at clearing chronic persistent infections…”

Although these patients received the Ozone Therapy via autohemotherapy, the Ozone Sauna Chamber is less invasive and has the same results, as the ozone is absorbed through the skin and into the blood stream, this giving total absorption and not only small amounts of blood being treated and re introduced into the blood stream as with autohemotherapy.



Digestive Issues and Ozone Therapy


No one wants to talk about these 💩issues, but we need to.


Think of your gut as a long and winding tube, starting at your mouth and ending at your butt. Depending on what you push down this tube, you can develop 2 problems.


The tube can block up or break. It can get blocked with deposits of toxins that cause inflammation and damage to the gut lining, especially heavy metals, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides cause a serious risk to your gut wall and the protective membrane that keeps bad bacteria out of your blood stream.

It can break when the deposits in the tube becomes a breeding ground for all sorts of parasites and bacteria. Think of a dirty slimy sewer-line, with walls covered in mold and bacteria. This slimy cover prevents the supply of oxygen to your healthy cells.

The waste these pathogens produce is just as toxic and causes inflammation and damage to the cell wall. It becomes like a garden hose with many little holes, where the undigested foods, proteins and bacteria sprinkle into the blood stream.

The damage of the intestinal wall and later the dysfunction and inflammation, are major factors leading to severe intestinal diseases commonly known as; IBS, ulcerative colitis, inflammatory bowel disease etc.

Ozone balances the intestinal flora, kills bad bacteria, aids in digestion, neatralizes excess acids and side effects of medication that causes constipation and normalizes metabolism.



Drug Addiction and Ozone Therapy


If you have had an addiction like drugs or alcohol, Ozone Therapy is a great way to help detox your body. Ozone Therapy improves oxygen levels in the blood, neutralizes toxins and impurities in the blood, strengthens organ functioning, repairs damaged cells, cleans the lungs, enhances uptake of vitamins and minerals in the body, relieves stress, relieves headaches and improves sleep.


Ozone Therapy is a therapy where ozone is introduced to the human body. Ozone is O3, whereas the oxygen we breathe is O2. Proponents of ozone therapy claim beneficial effects such as increased oxygen delivery to cells, tissues, and organs, which benefit our immune systems.


We offer ozone therapy to our clients to help speed up the detoxification process. It is also used as a natural muscle relaxant. Clients with addictions to opiates such as heroin, Fentanyl, and other prescription painkillers note particular relief due to ozone therapy.


The protocol practiced for addiction is very different to that of other conditions.

The patient will have 3 half hour sessions of ozone therapy, with four hours in between each. Two hours after the first and second sessions, Vit B12 and B Complex injections are administered. This treatment will be repeated for 4 consecutive days, this will greatly reduce withdrawal symptoms.



Hormones and Ozone Therapy


There are many different types of hormones that help regulate the body.

They affect almost every bodily process. The proper amount of hormones in the body, regulate the entire endocrine system.


The endocrine system is a vast system consisting of different organs and glands. Where there is a difficiency of one hormone or too much of another, it gradually, over time throws off the balance, thus causing different types of symptoms.

Some of these may be: inability to lose weight, allergies/sensitivities, GI problems, poor assimilation of vitamins and minerals, mood swings, infertility, painful menstruation, anemia, constant hunger, reduced stamina, depression or sleep disorders.
Loss of hormonal balance in the body can lead to illness.


Ozone helps to transmit the hormones better and clean the cells, making them healthier. Ozone helps to balance and regulate hormones, resulting in a healthier, well balanced body.



Immune System and Ozone Therapy


Ozone stimulates the production of white blood cells: White blood cells can malfunction. They fail to eliminate invaders and even turn against healthy cells.
Interferons are significantly increased with ozone: Interferons orchestrate every aspect of the immune system. Levels of Interferons can be elevated 400-900% by Ozone.
Ozone stimulates the secretion of IL-2: Interleukin-2 is one of the cornerstones of the immune system.
Ozone degrades petrochemicals: Those chemicals have a potential to place a great burden on the immune system



Ozone Therapy for Sports Performance and Injuries


Athletes, in particular, can benefit the most from ozone therapy for both performance and recovery. According to Nathaniel Altman’s The Oxygen Prescription: The Miracle of Oxidative Therapies, ozone therapy can increase an athlete’s performance by boosting the oxygenation of tissues while escalating the body’s production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which will lead to speedy recovery from sports injuries and will yield more energy to be expended. In addition, sore muscles can be prevented by ozone therapy after a strenuous activity. Ozone slows down the cells’ anaerobic fermentation and helps scale down the build-up of lactic acid.


Studies have shown that acclimating your body with heat during a sauna session, like the ozone steam sauna, “can induce physiological adaptations that can help increase the capacity for endurance, the capacity to build muscle mass and increase brain function.” It works by increasing blood flow to the muscles, thereby minimizing the reliance on the stored local glycogen during strenuous activities. Blood flow to the heart is also increased, which reduces strain during the same workload. In one study, male runners who engaged in an average of 12- to 30-minute sauna sessions twice a week immediately after an intense run, resulted in a 32 percent increase in the distance they could run before reaching the point of exhaustion.


 Below Are Some Benefits Ozone Therapy Can Have On An Athlete:


• Increases tissue oxygenation.

• Increases production of ATP, resulting in more energy and faster recovery.

• Delays the onset of anaerobic fermentation of sugar in the cell, reducing lactic acid build-up.

• Oxidizes lactic acid, helping prevent sore muscles.

• Reduces swelling, bruising and pain from injuries, and speeds healing.

• Prevents and treat colds and flu, and enhances immunity.

• Eliminates need for antibiotics, protecting intestinal flora.

• Increases hormone production to optimum levels, eliminating need for artificial steroids.


How Ozone Sauna Therapy Speeds Up Healing

Many sports injuries involve strains and sprains that cause swelling and an accumulation of excess fluid in connective tissue. These natural reactions to injury compress blood vessels and restrict the vital flow of oxygen-carrying plasma and red blood cells to the injury site. Cells and tissues surrounding the injury site become starved of oxygen, which impedes the healing process. In extreme cases, cell and tissue death can occur.


Ozone therapy sauna soothes muscles and calms nerves. Once ozone dissociates within the body, it causes oxygenation of tissues at a cellular level. The single oxygen atom causes vasodilation, increasing the diameter of involved vessels and allowing greater circulation to the area. Therefore nutrients are delivered to the site of injury and inflammatory exudates are removed more rapidly. This single oxygen atom also oxidizes particles and endogenous chemicals that cause prolonged swelling and bruising.

Red blood cells are more malleable, thus giving them the ability to penetrate to the smallest of tissue structures, like fine capillaries. Life-giving oxygen is able to reach the site of injury so that cells can heal. Ozone accelerates regulation of the antioxidant system and protective cellular enzymes. Healing is significantly sped up, and athletes are able to return to their rigorous training schedules faster.


Ozone steam therapy is not a new addition to the sports world, and many professional athletes, including Usain Bolt, Lance Armstrong, Christano Ronaldo and Michael Phelps, all use ozone therapy to naturally complement their exercise regimes.


How Ozone Therapy Increases Endurance and Relieves Fatigue:

Oxygen is essential to athletic endeavours of any sort because it facilitates the production of glycogen, one of the main sources of energy to the muscle. In a process called glycolysis, a glucose (sugar) molecule is broken into two pyruvic acid molecules. A pyruvic acid molecule enters the muscle cell, where it combines with oxygen to produce adenosine tri-phosphate (ATP), the source of muscle energy. When insufficient oxygen is present to create ATP, the pyruvic acid becomes lactic acid. This lactic acid naturally diffuses to the bloodstream, where it is carried away.

However, during intense exercise, the lactic acid cannot be removed quickly enough, and it collects in the muscle cells, causing fatigue. Ozone trans dermal therapy assists tissue oxygenation, providing ample amounts of oxygen for the above energy production to occur, thus there is a delay in muscle entering into the fermentation process of anaerobic respiration (producing energy – ATP – without oxygen). Simply put, Ozone trans dermal therapy provides greatly increased oxygen saturation throughout the body, allowing the body to get the oxygen it needs to create ATP for energy and flush out the lactic acid that causes muscle fatigue.

The elevated oxygen levels help athletes increase performance and recover quickly after a workout. Ozone trans dermal therapy increases muscle pliability and prevents muscle spasm from occurring. In addition, increased oxygen delivery to the brain facilitates brain function and enhances an athlete’s ability to make the split-second decisions that can make a difference in the outcome of the game.


An overview:




    Combines Hyperthermia and Ozone therapy

    Allows for systemic detoxification

    Follows a holistic model of treatment


-Increases tissue oxygenation, banking it for the immediate future

-Terminates colds and flu and food poisoning and hangovers

-Builds immunity (g-interferon, interleukin-2, TNF, T-cells, CMI)

-Speeds healing

-Reduces pain

-Increases natural steroid production to optimum levels

During Event:

-Increases production of ATP, resulting in more energy, enhancing performance

-Improves vision

-Delays onset of anaerobic fermentation of sugar, reducing lactic acid build-up

-Decreases recovery time


-Oxidizes lactic acid, preventing soreness the next day

-Oxidizes carbon monoxide

-Oxidizes adrenaline, producing serenity

-Reduces swelling and bruising

-Speeds healing

-Destroys viral infections

-Destroys bacterial infections, eliminating need for antibiotics

-Long term prevention of degenerative diseases (bone spurs, etc

-Prolongs careers


Using ozone with hyperthermia in the ozone steam sauna cleanses all the tissues of the body and provokes the healing crisis, stimulating the body to heal itself. Ozone Therapy is an optimal method to achieve thorough cleansing of all toxins.








Stoke and Ozone Therapy


The cause of a stroke is an interruption in the blood supply, with the resulting depletion of oxygen and glucose in the affected area.

This immediately reduces or abolishes neuronal function and also initiates an ischemic cascade which causes neurons to die or be seriously damaged, further impairing brain function.

Ozone therapy can help prevent a stroke from happening.

Ozone can also help patients who have suffered from a stroke, regain mobility and to help their bodies back on track. Ozone increases the oxygen level in the blood, improves circulation, neutralizes toxins and impurities, clears plaque from arteries, helps strengthen the arterial walls and helps to improve damaged areas of the brain.






Check in for new articles and heathy living tips.




nfirmed Identity


Don't allow your infirmity to become your identity!

22 July 2019


You are NOT your condition. You can stop this cycle in your life. You can choose to be well. You are unique, you are special, you are YOU.


In my line of work I come across many people with numerous different conditions. Some are really determined to find a treatment or cure, but many, sadly to say, seem to find their identity in their infirmity.  Don't become a victim of your illness. You are a warrior, an overcomer and a survivior.

Many of us take on self-defeating identities that leave us feeling void of life and powerless. The problem with these assumed identities is that they are usually unconscious, so we often don’t even realize the roles we have taken on in life.


Here are a few characteristic of 'infirmed identity' that I’ve noticed:

Many of us are challenged with one or two chronic health complaints – such as a sore back, high blood pressure or an autoimmune disease, but some usually have upwards of 5 – 10 health complaints and more often than not, have an equal amount of prescription medications (which can cause even more issues).

They were often in pain in some body part and they often had sleepless nights as a result. This compounds the issue as, in most instances, they don't have the energy to seek healthy alternate remedies.

Their infirmity rules their day. Much of their conversation is about their infirmities. Most of their reasons for why they are unable to do many basic daily activities are because of their infirmity. Understandably, much of their joy and peace in life was stolen because of their infirmity.

Many people try to help but the situation seems hopeless for the ‘infirmed identity’ and the people trying to help.

Does any of this sound like your life? As I said, it is a subconscious issue, so people with this identity may not even realize how their life has become overtaken by their infirmity.  It’s often all they’ve ever known.

When your body is sick or is under any type of stress, it will remain in a heightened emotional state which affects your mood; your mood shapes your language and your language shapes your life so after a period you and your illness become one and you’re not even aware of it.

I’d like you to imagine who you would be if you were not sick so often. For many, that thought can be overwhelming (because it’s a complete break from the life they’ve always known) and it’s that feeling of over-whelm which often keeps them stuck in the cycle. It’s all about control.  It may seem counter-intuitive because when you are sick, it feels like you do not have any control, but the opposite is true. You see, when you’re sick you can control your disappointment, you can control being ill, you can control people’s low expectations from you and you can control not having to take 100% responsibility for your life.

Your infirmity is your legitimate excuse why you can’t move forward. Your ‘infirmed identity’ allows you to remain where you are (again, this is a subconscious desire, as consciously these people are often trying hard to get better).  But what if, at a deep level, you were able to release this control mechanism? Who would you become? What would your life look like?

Ozone therapy offers treatment for over 100 conditions, including depression and anxiety, and aids in mental clarity. If your mind is feeling healthier, your body will follow suit.  If it is time to shed that 'infirmed identity' and you want to take back your life, as an overcomer, survivor and want to truly be well again, please contact me for a consultation and to book your ozone therapy sessions.






Are you a Toxic Storehouse


7 June 2019

The air, soil and water are becoming increasingly polluted.  This exposure, along with the common use of medication, eating refined foods, failing to exercise or drink enough water, has resulted in your body being a toxic storehouse with a wide range of symptoms and diseases.

Most meat products that are available are full of toxins, in order to meet the demand of our growing population, farmers have turned to drugs to quicken the growing process. Meat is also more difficult for the human body to digest.

A healthy lifestyle is going to mean that some changes need to be made.

The body is 2/3 water.  How dirty this water is, depends on how you lead your life.  The more junk food you've eaten, the more you have smoked or drank, the more drugs you've put in your body, the dirtier the water in your body will be.

The healthier you eat, the better off you are going to be.  You should consider eliminating some meat from your diet, try having meatless Mondays.

Juicing is a great way to fill the body with needed nutrients for proper health. Try eat organic fruit and veg only.  Microgreens are another very healthy option. Their nutrient content is many, many more times that of fully grown vegetables, they are great to use in salads, wraps, sandwhiches and even as garnish. (Contact GreenLeaf to order: microgreens.greenleaf@gmail.com)

Drink pure water, filtered or ozonated water is the best.

Oxygenation is as important a part of a healthy lifestyle as eating right is.  There is simply not enough oxygen in the air that we breathe to ensure that our bodies function optimally.

Ozone therapy becomes a vital necessity in this healthy lifestyle.  Ozone will neutralize toxins and impurities, fight diseases, kill bad bacteria, viruses and germs. Ozone should always be a part of your new life, but it will be a healthy life.

Unfortunately, taking all the vitamins, nutrients and minerals in the world mean nothing if you don't have sufficient oxygen supply at cellular level, as the oxygen starved cells in your body will not absorb and utilize these vitamins and minerals effectively, if at all in some cases.


Contact me to book your ozone therapy sessions and discuss how you can take back your life, with a new and improved lifestyle change.




It's good to ask questions.

Here we have a few of the frequently asked ones.  Should you have a question that doesn't appear here, please email or contact Jann and she will be more than willing to answer your questions and get you on the road to taking your life back!


  • What happens at my first Ozone Session?

Your first session will consist of a consultation to determine your personal needs. This will be followed by your 30 min Ozone Sauna Therapy session. Remember to drink water.....before and after!


  • What do I wear to my sessions?

Wear loose fitting, light clothing, there is a good chance that you may continue to sweat for about 20 minutes after a session.


  • What do I wear in the Ozone Chamber?

Ozone is absorbed through the skin, so in order to get the most out of your session, we recommend that you wear as little as possible, to benefit fully. Most clients take therapy in their birthday suit. (Our therapy room is completely private)


  • Is there an age restriction?

There is no age restriction for Ozone Therapy, however, clients under the age of 18 years will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


  • How often should I go for a session?

In order to benefit fully from the therapy, we recommend no less than 2 sessions per week.  You may enjoy it so much, you could come every day.


  • Can I take Vitamins before my session?

No. Do not take Vitamin C, 1 to 2 hours before or after a session. Vitamin C and Ozone neutralizes one another, and we would hate for you to miss out on the effects of the therapy.


  • Can I shower after a session?

Ozone still has an effect even after your session.  Taking a shower will remove the Ozone left behind on your skin.  Wait at least 2 hours before showering. But we do recommend you bring a towel along and dry yourself off after a session, you wouldn't want all those toxins seeping back in.


  • Can I have ozone therapy if I am undergoing Chemo?

We recommend that you wait 4 - 7 days before having an Ozone therapy session.  Ozone increases absorption of chemo and this will affect prescribed dosages.  Always consult your doctor before commencing Ozone Therapy.


  • Can I have ozone therapy if I am pregnant?

Sorry mom, rather wait until your bundle of joy has arrived.  Then you will benefit from the weight loss, hormonal balancing and the speeding up of the healing process that Ozone Therapy offers.




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Please feel free to contact Jann for any questions or to book your sessions.


It's time to take back your life !